The ladies on our team recently ran into an atheist friend of ours, and she said she wanted to get together and talk because she was “close to believing in Jesus”. We were very intrigued and planned to meet up with her soon. She contacted us again shortly after and said she had recently attended a Christian camp and officially believed and was baptized! We were ecstatic and even more eager to meet up with her and hear her story.

At our meeting, she shared with us how she had decided on a whim to attend a church service again (not her first time), and while there they prayed over her, and she had a vision of Jesus where she wanted to touch his clothes, and he looked her in the eyes. She was very startled by the vision, but it started her on a path of really considering the validity of the gospel she had previously heard.

Later, she agreed to attend a Christian camp, even though she told them she wasn’t “all in” yet, and while there, the leader said a couple words over her, and she had another fainting-like experience. She said at that moment she decided to believe in Jesus dying as a sacrifice for her sins and was baptized.

She has been encouraged by the believers at the church she is attending to read and study Scripture. Also, she is attending a weekly study, and now believes only truths found in the Bible. She said she would be eager to study Scripture with my teammate and me regularly, as well.

We are concerned about some of the things she may be witnessing/learning at the church she is attending, but are also so excited about how the Lord seems to be working in her life and hope to be a big part of her spiritual development. She says she feels like a “fish out of water” but is excited to learn about the whole story of God’s redemption of mankind.


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