“Stephen” grew up hating Christians. In fact, he remembers thinking as a little boy that if he ever met a Christian, he would kill him. Despite the fact Stephen had never been to church, never met a Christian and never read a Bible, his animosity towards the faith was strong because of what he had seen in the media and heard from radical Muslims. When in his early 20s, though, Stephen had a dream. A man in white appeared to Stephen in this dream and told Stephen He was Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. Stephen was greatly convicted by this dream and began to ponder what it might mean. Without ever reading a Bible or ever meeting a Christian, Stephen decided he wanted to believe in Jesus.

The city in which Stephen lived still has no churches and no known believers. By the grace of God, however, Stephen was able to look online and find contact information for a church several hours from his home town. He called the pastor and said, “Hi, I want to be a Christian.” This pastor eventually met with Stephen, gave him a Bible and shared the gospel with him. Stephen met other believers, read his Bible and later confessed faith in Jesus Christ. He has since been baptized and lives in a city where he is an active member of a local house church. God is at work in Stephen’s life and is growing him in his faith.

Please pray that Stephen will be a bold follower of Jesus, and that God will raise up many more Stephen’s among the Kurds.


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