The Lord has opened a remarkable door for the gospel through a local church in Turkey. For the past couple weeks, I have had the pleasure to stay with a local Christian sister, Betty*, to fellowship with and serve in the church and to share the gospel with many visitors from all over Turkey.

This church is open six days a week as a tourist destination. As guests enter the church, we greet them and welcome them to look around and take pictures. Then, we share about the history of the building, the local church and the basics of our faith. Many guests will sit with us for 15-30 minutes talking about the gospel and leave with a New Testament.

I have been encouraged to see the willingness of many Kurds to listen and dialogue about the gospel, and I have been amazed to see God pursue Kurds through the local church here. Praise the Lord!

It has been a joy to be welcomed into fellowship with the sisters and brothers in this church and to serve alongside them as they seek to reach their city, and all those who come through the doors of the church building, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

*NOTE: Name changed for security reasons.


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