I took the bus with the three kids earlier this month, and was obviously standing out as a foreigner as a result. When I boarded the bus, I discovered my bus card had no money left on it, and these buses didn’t accept cash.

Then, a local women came down the aisle toward me asking in English if I needed help. She paid my bus fare and wouldn’t accept my money. She asked where I was from, made sure I knew where I was going and that I didn’t need help with the children.

Later, she approached me again and asked if I wanted to come to church. She told me when and where they meet and invited me to come her fellowship on Sunday.

I was so encouraged by her hospitality and her invitation. Even though it made her stand out and look perhaps unpopular to her community, she wanted to extend the love of Christ to a foreigner, even by speaking my language,  and she wanted to make sure I had a church home.

Through that meeting I knew God was reminding me that He knows all of my needs and is working among the people in our city. Praise the Lord!


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