I saw the look in his eyes, and I rejoiced and prayed.  As the young man walked away, he held the gift in his hands and glanced over it curiously before tucking it away where his friends would not see it.  We had given him a copy of the New Testament and the Jesus film.  What peaked his interest about the gift, I think, was that it was in his language—the one his mother had taught him and that he spoke at home with his wife and child.  Could God really want to talk to him in Kurdish?  As those who have been changed by it, we know that God’s Word is powerful.  Through the Bible, men can know the grace of God in Jesus.  Kurds have never had much, if any, access to this life-giving Word in their language.  However, we hope a few more will have access soon.

Last summer a dramatized recording of the entire New Testament was completed in a major dialect of Kurdish. Many of these Kurds speak Kurdish but do not read it. Local believers have undertaken an effort to distribute 10,000 copies. Would you pray that as people receive these gifts that God would use His great Truth to bring people into His Kingdom?


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