“K,” a worker in Turkey, has been facing physical and emotional challenges the last year.  As much as she and her husband desire deliverance and healing for her, they also recognize that God delights in using our weakness for His glory.  Over the last year, K has occasionally gone to the neighbor across the hall for help when she is struggling.  Her neighbor is a nurse, and she has been incredibly kind and caring.  Not only that, but as she and her husband witness K’s fight for trust in the midst of suffering, it endears her to them and opens them up to ask about her faith.

One day this summer, after K returned from the US, her neighbors brought by the potted plants that she had left with them.  Out of the blue, K’s daughter offered the mother a copy of the New Testament.  She happily accepted and said she wanted to read it.  A few weeks ago, this same woman spoke to K.  She told her that she and her husband had been watching her for two years.  They knew there was something different about her and her kids.  In fact, she said that they have instructed their own children to spend more time with K’s children because they are kind and trustworthy.  That is something completely foreign where they live.

Then, the neighbor came by for a visit during the annual sacrifice holiday (the kids spent the day with their friends taking pictures of the ritual).  K had another opportunity to explain her faith, tell why we don’t sacrifice animals, and share our hope in the final and perfect sacrifice.  She read from the story of Abraham and Isaac.  Then the neighbor asked to take a complete book (OT and NT) home so she could read.  She dropped by again last night to tell K she was enjoying reading it.

Pray for K’s neighbor, that she and her entire family would believe what is in the Bible she received! Pray for a continued strong and growing relationship with K and her family, and that many would come to faith through the Lord’s preservation of K in the midst of her weakness!


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