We waited next to a park for a Yezidi Kurdish man we were planning to visit.  He walked up to our car, got in, and led us down small streets and up hills until we made it to his home.  We presented them with a packet of relief aid, and he invited us in for coffee.

What proceeded was his telling of the evils of terrorism, and how he is fed up with Islam, and all religions for that matter.  My Kurdish brother, “A,” was able to share with him that Christianity is not about religion, it is good news!  He shared that good news and, after a while, invited him to a local Christmas service.  Before we left, we gave him a recording of the NT.

This man is from an unreached people group, from a minority false religion, born and raised in a majority Muslim country, is in his sixties, has fled his home land, and is living on a hillside in an apartment with two other families, all things that make it seem impossible for him to have an opportunity to hear the good news.  And yet God was gracious to him by sending our brother, A, to preach this good news to him.  Pray that God would continue sovereignly working in his life and that he would be saved.


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