As the summer heat sets in, mountains turn brown, dust whirls around, and the pace of life slows, I am reminded even in the driest and weariest of seasons, God provides blessings for his people.

The other evening I was invited in to sit with a family that is very dear to me. I gladly accepted. It was evening and the day was just cooling off. I sat with this Kurdish family in their small garden as we drank cold drinks and enjoyed having our fill of fresh fruits. We even talked about the works of God and our thankfulness for the moments to be together.

In the summer, it is less likely to be served stifling tea, often woman make cold fruit drinks. Another thing one would see visiting on a hot summer day is the delicious array of fruits.  Also, Kurds stay in to avoid the heat during the day, but as soon as the sun begins to set and the first evidences of cooler air whips through the city, they are outside enjoying the longer days and each others company.

The other day I looked out of my bedroom window onto my colorful street and was overwhelmed with thankfulness. Old men strolling up and down the street, little boys and girls playing game of tag and catch, and neighbors being good to those that lived next to them by cleaning their sidewalks.

It is a time to be thankful for. I hope the Kurds can be drawn closer to the One who makes even small things like cold drinks, cool evenings, and good fruit – great blessings.


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