Last year, a Kurdish man called “Barry” came to faith through our local house church.  Later, due to an earthquake that devastated our town, he had to move to another city hundreds of miles away.  Nevertheless, we’ve stayed in touch, and I participated in his baptism this past August.  Since then, he has made noticeable strides in his efforts to join a local church near his home, combat sin in his life, and share truth with the lost.

Recently, he told me about an evangelism opportunity he had while attending a massage course that he is taking in order to get a new job.  During one of the lessons, the local instructor, for some reason, publicly asked the class what they thought about religion.  No one answered.  Then, the instructor specifically asked Barry what he thought.  Barry answered that he loved Jesus very much because Jesus is the one who “gives life back to people.”  He went on to tell the story of the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  To sum up, he explained that Muslims say that Jesus was a prophet but he himself believes that Jesus was much more than a prophet.

Later, during one of the class breaks, several students came to Barry and asked him more questions about Jesus, and he was able to proclaim the truth to them further.  As Barry was sharing this with me, he was understandably excited about the experience but concluded by saying that this was not enough for him.  Praise the Lord for Barry’s obedience and his growth in the faith!


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