A man prayed for his wife before she left for class with a new language helper.  He asked God to give her an opportunity to proclaim the gospel.  She honestly was not expecting what was going to take place next.  As she began studying Kurdish with a local woman, the woman’s father opened wide the door for explaining the gospel to him.  He shared how he was sick of Islam and how could there be a God who would allow all this to happen to the Kurds.  After sharing all about the gospel, who Christ is, the Trinity etc., the woman was able to say there is a God, He does see, He does care, that’s why He sent her to learn his language and share with him and his people.  She shared some of the historical roots of Christianity but ultimately just tried to share that God does care for him and his people.  The man agreed to read the word, so the woman returned the following week with a copy of the New Testament in Turkish and was at that time able to share with the daughter who had just listened to the first interaction.  This time, she had questions.  Please pray that this head of a household, who is from Batman, would indeed read and believe and bring his family and extended family, still in Batman, to the throne with him.


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