listening1This is a picture of Hasan* in his living room, listening to the gospel of Matthew.  He is part of a very unreached and still mostly unengaged people group in eastern Turkey known as the Zazas (somewhat related to the Kurds).  Hasan’s brother, Barış* came to faith about 3 years ago watching some evangelistic videos on the internet.  A year later, Barış led Hasan and his nephew to faith.  These men are all fishermen and after years of not protecting their 
eyes from the sun, they have trouble focusing on the pages of their Book to read.  They were very excited to learn that there was such a thing as an audio bible!  They have 2 mp3 sticks and a proclaimer now.  

Their other two brothers now listen to the proclaimer as they drive back and forth to their house painting jobs.  These brothers are very close to believing if they haven’t believed already.  Our prayer is that this family will form the nucleus of the first Zaza church.  The audio bibles are certainly playing a part in that formation.  Thank you for donating the bibles to us to use in our efforts here.

Would you pray with us that these men would be the nucleus of a Zaza church that the Lord is building? Would you pray that these men and their families would grow strong in the Lord by use of the Word they are hearing by means of these listening devices? Would you pray with us that many would hear the Good News as a result of these men?


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