Please consider joining churches from around the world as we pray for the Turks and Kurds of Turkey throughout the month of May. You can find a very well done prayer guide here.

From the Hope for Turkey blog:

This prayer guide is a joint effort by individuals and churches passionate about reaching the peoples of Turkey with the gospel. Thank you for joining us for a month of prayer. We encourage you to pass the word and mobilize others to pray with us. You are welcome to forward this guide to others, print it, and distribute it inside your church. We ask that you do not edit the guide without seeking permission first.

As you join in praying daily, you will discover that the peoples of Turkey include the majority people group, the Turks, as well as other minority peoples like the Kurds and Zaza. The prayer guide will introduce you to personal stories from many of these different people groups. Remember as you read that the majority of these people groups are unreached and do not know Christ. Use each day to pray for God’s name to be glorified among every people  group in Turkey.


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