About a week ago, I went with Moose, to go visit the old wise man of his village. While sitting in the living room with 12 men, one of the younger men asked me if “we” believed that Jesus died on the cross. I told him yes we do because that is what the NT teaches. I told the crucifixion accounts. Then he asked what we believed about Jesus ascension. I told him the resurrection accounts and when Jesus appeared to His disciples, and then later ascended into heaven before their eyes. Then he asked me if we believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world. I then told him about what Jesus said about no one taking his life from Him, but him voluntarily laying his life down in place of ours. I also talked about the Lamb of God and sacrifices of the OT and the assurance of eternal life that we have in Jesus. There were 12 men in the room who were 10+ years older than me, some old enough to be my father. I spoke for more than 20 minutes, and the entire time, the audience was listening intently. When we got in the truck, one of our other friends rode back with us, and said, “Tonight was very good.”

A couple days later, I went to the same house for a funeral, which is just sitting in the house and paying your respects to the family. While I was there, the oldest and most respected brother poured honey all over me. He talked about how I helped people and did not flaunt my “Americanism,” but he said I was humble and worked hard to help people. Then they started talking about the teachings of Jesus that I had spoke about before. I then spoke about Daniel and the lions den, and how Daniel was a righteous man, and how God wants us to be righteous in our hearts.

Please pray for Moose and the people in this village so that the seeds that were sown, may begin to sprout and ultimately take root and produce fruit and 100 times more than what was sown.

Today as we drove two hours through our area I once again was reminded of the vast lostness of the Kurdish people. (One in 40,000 are believers.) We drove past village after village in such remote areas, and I just wondered, “Has anyone taken the Gospel to them? Have they ever heard the truth of Jesus like Moose and the people of His village?”

My friend NZ, who has been a believer for about a year, sent me a message this week from the words of Jesus, “Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out laborers into His field.”
Plead with us and our believing Kurdish friends that the Lord will send laborers into his harvest.


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