Hunter* is a husband and father of three from Syria. His hometown has been a hot spot of violence inflicted by the Syrian regime. He has lost countless family members and friends. He has moved to Iraqi Kurdistan to try to find a good job to provide for his family. He had to leave his wife and children behind in his pursuit to provide for them. He works multiple odd jobs and when he is not doing that he is volunteering at the refugee camps. 

During his time in Iraqi Kurdistan he has met a local believer. This brother has been sharing the gospel with him and has given him a copy of the Book. They were meeting regularly and Hunter was very receptive. Hunter began reading the Book in his own language and has had many questions. Just recently Hunter told me that his job situation fell through here and that he needed to return to his family in Syria. 

Please ask for Hunter that his eyes would be opened to the truth of the gospel. Please ask that God would draw him to Himself and that he would pass from death to life! Please ask that Hunter would be a voice of truth to his family and people, especially during this time of intense suffering and loss.  


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