A few months ago, while eating with another missionary and a local brother, we started talking with our waiter, Muhammed. He is a master’s student at the university here and is Turkmen. We have been praying for the Turkmen people, as they are on our unreached unengaged people group (UUPG) list.

The conversation went well, as we mentioned spiritual things and directed him to a few places he could go if he wanted to learn more about our faith. We exchanged numbers and left it there.

In the following weeks ,our local brother kept up with him, and we met a few more times for tea. He has asked various questions and seems to be quite open to the gospel and to a friendship.

Disappointed with the religion of his friends and family, he came to our men’s Bible study multiple times and for the first time recently, came to our church gathering.

He is getting to know our members and seems attracted by the genuineness of our friendship and our faith. Please pray for Muhammed to trust in Christ and have a burden to reach other Turkmen for the glory of Christ. Pray for us as a church as we seek to faithfully reach out to Muhammed.


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