We had been trying to meet up with two K believers – “M” and “C” – who are brothers, so that we could study the Word with them.  After a couple tries, we were finally able to meet up with them. However, their cousin, who is not a believer, also came over once he found out we were there.  We didn’t know how this would affect our time with them.  After hanging out and having some Turkish pizza, we dove into studying 1 John.  We didn’t know what their cousin, “Mh,” would do during this time.  We were pleasantly surprised when he read the chapter in Arabic since he reads it the best (we also read it in Turkish and listened to it in Kurdish).  He would read for us whenever we wanted to reread a verse.  However, when we were discussing the passage he didn’t say much, and we thought he was playing on his phone.  We had a great time of discussion for over an hour and a half, and that is when Mh finally spoke up.  He said that he wanted to read something from the Qur’an.  At first, this was a little disappointing, but then we realized he was clearly seeing the contrast the Qur’an and Scripture and wanting to know which was true.  He wasn’t arguing; he really wanted to understand. Throughout the next couple of hours, the five of us believers were able to share extensively with him, all of us taking turns and preaching the gospel – everything from normal apologetics, to the cost of discipleship, and why the gospel is true.

Throughout our discussion, Mh kept saying things like “I see the love that believers have for each other (he has been to the church a few times) and I know Muslims don’t have that, and I want that.” He also said, “I believe in Jesus, I believe it is true, but it is so hard to leave Islam.”  We talked to him about the cost, but also, the fact that Jesus is worth it and those who follow him are given eternal life and joy in this life.  He explained to us again how he had a dream after he came to the Christmas celebration, and that Jesus was calling him to come walk in the light (to which he referenced what we had read in 1 John, “but if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his son cleanses us from all sin”).  “I want to walk in the light,” he said.

Please pray for Mh, pray for him to continue to read the word and have faith in the truth he is believing.

Pray also for M and C, that they would be bold in sharing with their extended family. Also, pray for C as he will be baptized in a week and a half.


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