Some foreigners were in the furniture section of IKEA in Istanbul.  A local man began talking with them about how he thought a certain piece of furniture that they were looking at was very nice.  It led into a conversation about where they were from.  He invited them to a free meal that was provided by the local government to break the Ramazan fast.  The foreigners told him that they were Christians.  He said that it didn’t matter and that they were all brothers because they believed in one God.  The Christians agreed that there were many similarities between Christianity and Islam. However, they said, there was a major difference and that difference was where all their hope was.  It was the deity of Christ.  They asked the Muslim man why they celebrated Ramazan, and he said to be cleaned from their sins.  The Christians were able to tell him that they had already been made clean in Christ.  They continued talking for awhile.

Please pray for *S that God would make the deity and lordship of Christ known to him.


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