Recently, the house of a local believer flooded due to a lot of rain. Not just flooded, but the sewer backed up and filthy sewage poured out of her toilet and covered her entire house in a foot of feces. She called us at 6:30 a.m. crying, “Please come, please come! I need help!” At the time, we didn’t know what had happened, but we feared the worst — that people had come to her house and were threatening her with violence again. Upon arriving at her house, I quickly realized that she was not in any physical danger, rather she was shocked and dismayed at what had happened to all of her possessions. Wading through the sewage and looking around her home, I understood that her life had been turned upside down. After sharing some biblical truth with her, I began carrying the ruined furniture to the curb. Three hours later, we had gotten most of the stuff out and hosed the sewage out of her home. Then, I returned home, and my wife went to her house to begin actually cleaning. She spent most of the day there.

Two days later, we stopped by her house to make sure all was well, and she said that none of her family had called or come by to help. My wife responded, “Your family did come. In Jesus we are family!” “Yes, you are my big family” was her answer.

Through this situation, this believer’s neighbors were able to see the body of Christ on display. They were shocked that I would come and carry out poopy rugs and were shocked again that my wife would come help while leaving our baby at home, then go home and nurse the baby, and return again to help some more. She told them it was because we loved Jesus and that, if we had called her, she would have dropped everything and come to our aid too because that’s what people who love Jesus do for one another.


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