Many Kurds in our city have come from the eastern part of the country to the west where jobs are more prevalent and the economy is better. However, if they are not very educated, or if they are “too Kurdish” for the taste of those in these big cities, then it can be hard for them to find jobs.

One such example is my friend *Abant. He is 18 years old and came from the east to find work. The work he found is working as an “eskici,” a sort of trash man who digs through the trash finding things he can recycle. I was able to talk to him about his hometown and his love for basketball. He told me that he comes through my neighborhood a lot looking for things to recycle. I hope to see him again and give him a record of scripture in K. However, I haven’t seen him for a week or so, since he is always on the move around the city.

Please pray for Abant and ask God that our paths would cross again so that we can chat and I can give him a copy of scripture!


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