Every year on April 23, thousands of Muslims make a pilgrimage to a Christian church on an island near Istanbul, Turkey.  They light candles in the church and hope that their wishes will be granted.

One such Muslim pilgrim visited the island earlier this year because she desperately wanted another child but had not been able to get pregnant.  While on the island, she just happened to see one of her friends, who was actually a Christian praying for the Muslims there.  The Christian prayed for her personally and gave her some evangelistic materials as a gift.

The next day, the Muslim woman visited the Christian and brought another friend along.  They asked the Christian a lot of questions about her beliefs.  The Christian shared that she didn’t have to have luck or wishes granted in order to have a relationship with God.  She could go straight to Him through prayer.

Please pray for this pilgrim, as well as for the thousands that gather each year for this pilgrimage, that they would find the Christ for whom we are all created to seek.


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