A few weeks ago, a missionary in Central Asia admitted, “My heart was heavy this morning when the text waiting for me on my phone when I got up was from my friend Darla’s husband telling me that Darla* had been hospitalized.  She spent a week in the hospital a couple months ago but checked herself out because she couldn’t stand it anymore.  She was supposed to be there for three weeks for depression treatment. During that time, she had brought the Bible that I gave her, and they took it away the first day.  They did not want her to be thinking about anything that “might be confusing to her.”

Now, she is there again with no family, no phone and no Bible.  My very special request from you would be to pray that during this time of quiet, God Himself would speak to her in a vision or in dreams or however He chooses.

My prayer is that this time would be monumental and pivotal in her life – that she would leave that hospital knowing that God loves her and paid the price for her with no strings attached.  Would you please pray fervently for my sweet friend who is sad, worn out and carries silently so many burdens on her shoulders? Let us pray expectantly.  Thank you!

*NOTE: Name changed for security reasons.


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