A few months ago, my guitar started making a strange twanging noise when I would play for our house church. I took it to the only music shop with which I was familiar, and the owner kindly fixed it for me for free. He invited me back to have tea, and eventually asked me if my friends from America could bring over a guitar pedal for him. I agreed to look for it for him, but I never received the email from him with the information. Then I forgot about it.
One day recently, I was walking to catch the bus and ran into the store owner, and he asked if I was able to get the pedal for him. I told him it wouldn’t be a problem, but I didn’t even remember the model he wanted! The next day, I went with my boys by his shop to tell him I never got the model number and to apologize for not having sought it out earlier. His email had gotten hung up in my spam folder.
So, after I found the (extremely rare) guitar pedal, I went back to his shop to let him know. There was another man in his shop drinking tea, and when he saw me, he immediately asked me if I was a Christian. He then told me he had been trying to read the NT on the internet, but really wanted a copy of his own and someone to help him understand what he read. I just happened to have one with me! I hope to meet with him soon to discuss what he’s been reading! Also, when my friends come and bring the pedal, I will hopefully be able to share with the shop owner more in depth.


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