Ask *Jamal. Look at his hands, cracked and bleeding from working construction in the freezing cold. Like Noor, Jamal is a refugee from a war-torn country near where we live. He declared faith in Christ this year. He was worried for his family back home, because they live near a war zone and have seen friends and neighbors shot dead in the street. He is a student, and yet he has endured grueling hours of manual labor for a boss/landlord who exploits refugees and treats his employees like slaves. Jamal’s Christian fellowship has been limited to native English speakers. A few months ago, he decided to return to his homeland to see his family and then look for work in another country. So far he has found no work. He is afraid of being killed, and his faith is wavering. However, he still calls to ask for prayer and to remind us that he is our brother.  The last time he called, he said he has been telling his family about Jesus.

The fact is, Jesus does NOT make our lives easy. He never promised to. Jesus promised that his followers would experience hardship and persecution (Matthew 10:16-25; John 15-16). However, he also promised to never leave us or forsake us. He promised that the same power that raised Christ from the grave would be at work within us. Please pray for Jamal.

Pray that he will cling to the promises of Christ.

Pray that he will grow in faith and wisdom.

Pray that his family will place their faith in Jesus.

Pray that in the face of hardship and suffering, he will find in Christ strength, comfort and refuge.


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