Last month, Zane* bravely attended our small Kurdish house church’s worship service.  Zane participated as fully as he could and even desired to take the Lord’s Supper before he understood it was only something for baptized believers.

One week later, he attended the little church’s service again and trusted in Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

Last week, Zane came back with two of his unbelieving cousins.   One of his cousins, Bruce*, arrived early for house church this week, even before Zane!  After the morning service, Bruce, Zane and three other local brothers stood outside for about 30 minutes drinking tea and talking.  Just like Zane did two weeks ago, Bruce trusted in Jesus as His Savior and Lord!

God is doing a great work among the Kurdish people for His Glory!

*NOTE: Names changed for security reasons.


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