I became friends with “Oscar” and shared the gospel with him a few times.  Last summer, he went to America and then returned in September.  As someone from rural southeastern Turkey, he was one of the few from his area who had ever traveled that far.  Recently, we met and ate a traditional breakfast from his part of the country.  Oscar spoke with joyful memories of his time in the United States.  Then he told me about a Christian family he had met while there who was enormously kind to him, had invited him into their home for meals, and had explained their faith to him.  I listened to this with joy and told him that I had prayed he would meet good believers in Jesus while he was there.  He also was able to attend a Baptist church while there.  This discussion led us to talk about what it means to be a Christian, what the gospel means to me, whether or not a non-Christian and Christian should get married, etc.  He ended our time together by saying “I see a deeper belief in Christians than we (his people group) have here.”  I pray these seeds and the influence of that family in the States will grow in his heart and mind and that he turns to Christ.


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