Partner short-term volunteer teams are encouraging to us in the work, especially when coming from fellowships who have long-term partnerships in mind. Recently, we had a short-term team from one of those fellowships. For the first few days of the trip, we and the team were a little frustrated. We kept trying to have conversations, but nothing was really going anywhere. But toward the end of the week, God kept bringing opportunities our way when we did not expect or plan on, just to teach us to trust Him and His sovereign plans.

One such occurrence happened on the team’s last night in town. We went near the seaside with a local believer to visit and eat some snacks. It was cold, windy, and the grass we sat on was wet, so we were about to get up to leave when two local college students came up and asked if they could sit by us. Long story short, after some visiting, we got to witness our local brother share the gospel extensively with these young men and call them to read the Bible and believe in our Savior. Again, a reminder that our ways (getting up from the cold) are not God’s ways (getting to share the gospel and encourage a local brother in his faith and boldness).

Let us remember that even when plans aren’t going our way, or when “life” throws us curveballs, our Heavenly Father is sovereignly working in the midst of those difficulties and plans for His glory and our good.


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