I have been meeting up regularly with *Al for a couple months. Just to hang, or to get my haircut (he is a barber). My wife and I have been to their home a couple times, and they have been to the K fellowship on a few occasions. However, other than here and there, we haven’t studied the word together. I decided that this time I was going to bring a study guide and do a lesson with him.

*Al and his family call themselves Christians, but it seems that it is not a saving faith, but more of a “we reject Islam” sort of stance. I went to his shop, got my haircut, then asked if we could do a lesson. He said he didn’t want to do it there because there were too many windows and his neighbors already treated him poorly. I was disappointed for a second, until he suggested we go to his home so his whole family could join in. I hadn’t thought of that! We went and were able to go through the entire first lesson with him, his wife, his two sisters, and his parents. We went through the first lesson which explains sin, the holiness of God, the inability of works to save, and the necessity to have Faith in Jesus. After this, they were able to explain the gospel more clearly than they ever had to me before. A couple of days later, my wife and I were able to go back and do the second lesson with them. We hope that we can show them a pattern of studying the word as a family.

Please pray that *Al and his family will continue to study the Word with us, and that *Al would begin to lead his family in the way of the Lord. Pray that his barbershop would be a light in a very dark place!


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