When going out to share the gospel in Turkey, I have started carrying a New Testament with me in my hand.  Well, one day I was getting my haircut and just set the Bible down on the counter while the barber was doing his job on my hair.  He took one look at it and realized it was my holy book and quickly picked it up in fear that it might get wet there.  He proceeded to ask me if this is what I believed and then asked me if the Koran and the Bible were the same.  I said, “no”, and he then asked me to tell him all the ways they were different.  I gladly took him up on the opportunity.

His name is “S,” and after I finished sharing, he said, “This is very different.  I have always heard they are the same.”  What makes this a “cool story” for me is that I have become very discouraged in trying to find ways to introduce the gospel to people, and I should have been letting the Bible do it for me all along.

Please pray for “S,” that God would use what he heard that day to cause him to repent from his sins and trust only in Christ for salvation. Pray for further interactions with believers, that he might see the Lord at work.


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