My neighbor’s sister’s baby just passed away (he was in intensive care from being born very premature).  I visited her as people often do after a death here.  One of my friends recommended that I bring tea or sugar because that is something that is helpful for them to have extra due to the many visitors.  I also wrote a note expressing my condolences and wrote a Psalm in it.  Later my neighbor told me how they were shocked that I had done research and knew their customs (when some of the other visitors didn’t even bring anything) and more than that I wrote a note.  She said that was so thoughtful of me and such a good idea.  I also noticed while I was there that the gift I had given her after finding out she was pregnant (a couple of framed bible passages) was still on display in her living room.  Please pray that this simple gift and note show them how much I love and care for them, and that even more, it is God who is loving and caring for them through me. Pray for further opportunities to speak to them of the Good News of Jesus!


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