“Glenda,” a Muslim woman in Turkey, attends a cooking club hosted by expat Christians. After a period of time, she had a dream and eagerly described the dream to these expat friends. In the dream, Glenda was going to church. When she walked into the church, the hall was very dark so she was really scared, but she kept walking and it became quite bright. She could tell she was outside, and there were vibrantly green trees everywhere, beautiful grass, and a lot of foreigners. None of them spoke Turkish, but they were nice to Glenda. They were eating and shopping. “Is church really like that?” Glenda wondered after she woke up. “Are there churches around here?” she asked. As a result of this dream, the expats were able to share with Glenda from the Bible about church and about heaven. Please pray for her to have more dreams and to ultimately put her trust in Jesus.


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