We had some friends visit and help us discover where more Kurds in a certain part of our town. Through that work, our team discovered an area of town full of Kurds who had moved from another part of the country. We prayed over this part of town for a couple days and ate there three times. We discovered a restaurant where most of the people who come here are Kurdish. We talked with the owner and he told us that everyone in that neighborhood behind the restaurant is Kurdish, and he knows many of them. We were able to share with a shop owner, give him resources about Christ, meet some waiters, another shop owner, and chat with them for over two hours. The great part is that this part of town is not far from where we live. It is close to the center of town and would not be odd for us to go there. This was a huge answer to prayer! Pray that we would be accepted into this neighborhood as friends and that the Lord would use our presence there to both show and speak the Gospel of Jesus to those watching and listening! 


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