We got to our new city and had on our first day we had to call an electrician because the power kept cutting out. We are supposed to be reaching Kurds here, even though they are a minority in the city. We are going to have to look hard for them, or so I thought.

After a couple minutes of talking with the electrician I found out that he was married, just found out they are expecting, and that he is Kurd and moved here from the Kurdish part of the country when he was a teenager.

I spoke some Kurdish with him, to which he gleamed with pride and asked, “where did you learn my language?” I said, “from my Kurdish friend”. He replied, “now I will be your Kurdish friend.”

As he left I was able to pray for him, his wife, and their new baby. Please ask the Father to give our family opportunities to preach the gospel to *Irfan and his family and show him the love of Jesus.

Follow-up: Some things I learned about Kurdish life. My new friend moved to the west because there were no jobs where he is from and his family is poor. He said 7 of his 9 siblings have moved to either Istanbul, Izmir, or Antalya. He has since learned some English, worked three different jobs, become more “liberal,” but was also fasting during Ramazan.  Those are just insights into K life.


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