In March of this past year a new network was formed in El Salvador with several churches coming together to focus on Central Asia, particularly the Kurds. Not only did these churches form a new network, but they have produced their own prayer materials, and have a special commission that goes from church to church, promoting prayer for the Kurds. They also have produced their own web site: You may not understand Spanish, but you will see their commitment to promote prayer for the Kurds on this site! Recently this group took its first ever exploratory trip to Central Asia. The group consisted of nine people: several pastors from the network and three candidates. They are planning another medical trip with doctors and dentist from the network next year. A few months ago they held their fist ever Kurdish Festival. You should have seen the Kurdish dress, Kurdish food, and dance in El Salvador! They have taken their commitment of adoption, and prayer for the Kurds very seriously! 

In October a similar network was formed in Venezuela in which sixteen churches came together and raised significant funds for prayer materials, web development and some initial projects. Even though several churches in Venezuela have individually been involved, and even taken exploratory trips, this is the first concerted combined effort. Among this network three groups were formed: one focusing on a prayer strategy, another developing communications, and the other on project development. This is the newest network and they are very encouraged by their two “older brother” networks (in El Salvador and in the US). They will be taking their first exploratory trip as a network in the spring.

We look forward to hearing more good news from our Latin American brothers and sisters in the future. Please pray for God’s blessing on their labors.


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