One morning my friend, Isabelle, knocked on my door. “Hey, come over in little while and I will show you how to make aşure and we can eat it together.” 

Aşure is a special dessert which translates as Noah’s Ark Pudding. The story goes that Noah at the end of the flood threw all the random things he had left together and it resulted in this dessert. It usually consists of bulgur, wheat, chick peas, nuts and berries (everyone makes it a little bit differently). It is usually made in very large batches and distributed liberally to neighbors. My friend was making hers for her daughter’s class at school.

On my way out the door I grabbed our Book thinking she might like to hear our version of the Noah story. I forgot how long it is, but I sat in her kitchen and read her all 3 1/2 chapters of the story. She listened respectfully while she finished up making the pudding. At the end she told me their story had a couple differences. “You said God made a covenant with man. God would never do that. He is a God of commands. He would not covenant with man.”

I continue to share truth with her and the more we talk, the more I fall in love with Jesus who was the covenant. Oh, that my friend would understand that kind of love! They are not allowed to question what they have been taught, but she has agreed to read our book (which they also accept as true, although they have been taught it has been changed). Please pray for Isabelle to have a dream of Jesus and for her to start to question.


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