“One of us is wrong,” concluded my friend recently after I shared with him the good news of Christ.

This is not the first conversation I have had with *Mr. Blake in which the gospel was shared. I met Mr. Blake almost two years ago, and he was very quick to share his tragic story with me. Mr. Blake lost his wife and children in an accident a short time before I met him. His heart aches to be reunited with them. In the meantime he is doing all he can to ensure his place in heaven. He is working hard to be a good husband, brother, son, and neighbor-performing the religious and cultural rituals he believes will earn him approval and forgiveness.

And yet…Christ calls to him. The Father has opened his heart to listen to me and others share the gospel, and he has asked many questions in an effort to understand and to also share his beliefs.

His recent conclusion that someone is wrong is full of truth. Pray that Mr. Blake will follow this conclusion to the next, that Jesus Christ is the only “truth, life and way” and “no one comes to the Father except through Him”. Intercede for Mr. Blake to recognize his need for a savior and to find one in Christ. Pray that He would have faith to accept the grace being offered to him. Pray that Mr. Blake would be used to bring glory to the Father in this place.


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