A couple of Christians were trying to meet with a new Zaza believer who lived on the outskirts of Istanbul.  They drove all the way out there just to hear his wife tell them that he had to work very late that night and would not be home any time soon.  The two Christian men prayed and looked for God’s plan-B.  They were hungry and found the right kebab joint.

S was a Kurd from Siirt.  He asked one of the Christians to name a difference between their cultures.  The Christian said that he was disappointed when his American friends back home hosted him in their house for two hours one time and didn’t offer him so much as a glass of tea.  S couldn’t believe that such horrible hosts existed in the world!  “What about our culture?” he asked.  The Christian carefully explained that he was still not used to the widespread prevalence of lying in Turkey.  Small things, big things.  It was election season, so S was quick to agree.  The Christian explained, “Our culture is based on the Bible, which says to let your yes be yes and your no be no.”

The conversation went on for several hours, but one success was the Christian pulled up a website on his laptop where they read a Psalm and then several passages in John.  They shared the good news with him a few different ways.  S was shocked when they explained John 1 to him as the Messiah was with God and is God.  From what they could discern, this was the first time he had read the NT.

Pray that S would have dreams of the Messiah, that he would be convinced of his need for a Savior, that he would keep reading on his laptop, and that God would do the miracle of salvation in his life.


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