Please be lifting up for our local brother, Boaz, and the community of believers here.  About a week ago, 4 strangers came to Boaz’s house to talk to him. He invited them in, but they refused, and instead wanted to take a walk. He went back inside to get his things, quickly prayed for wisdom, and then went with them. They had a long discussion, but in short, they told him that a number of people know that he is a follower of Jesus, that he is sharing this with others, and trying to get them to do the same. He is quite bold so it’s no surprise that people know. They warned him and made threats on his life if he continues to share.

This is not the first persecution he has faced.  He’s been shot at before and imprisoned for a short time.  His faith was made stronger through both of those incidents. He said that he will still follow and be obedient to the Lord.   He took the threats as being serious, though, and was a bit shaken up. His wife, Ruth, is not a believer and this has caused marital stress as well.

Please pray that Boaz would continue to be bold, and that the Lord would be his protector and comforter. Ask that he would be obedient to what the Spirit guides him to do. Ask that any suffering that comes would be for the sake of Jesus and the gospel. Please pray for us as we encourage him and pray with him. Ask that we would give wise council.  Ask that there would not be a growing spirit of fear among the believers here. Ask that our families would not let fear creep into our homes. 


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