I’ve had some great conversations recently with “Tony.” He continues to come in with questions from his reading of Scripture and his reading of a Christian book on the Trinity. In less than a week, he finished the entire book on the Trinity, took notes, and wrote down questions, even though it’s over 500 pages in length. Thankfully, another missionary came in Friday and talked more with Tony about this doctrine. It was encouraging to hear them dialogue and have yet another person to share Truth with Tony.

Before that, Tony and I also had a discussion about Jesus’ time between His resurrection and His ascension. While Acts 1 makes it very clear that Jesus was on earth for 40 days between the two, a couple of the gospels make it sound almost as if it was right after His resurrection that Jesus ascended up to heaven. Tony saw this as a contradiction in Scripture, so we discussed the many witnesses who saw Jesus, the things He did, and the things He taught during that time. Tony’s genuine interest in Scripture and understanding Truth seems to be growing. Please pray for God to reveal Himself to Tony and lead him to faith and repentance.


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