My team mate and I spent time this past weekend in our local friend *Remzi’s hometown in the Eastern part of Turkey. We spent time in the “big city” (100,000 pop.), and then the rest of the time in his home village. This is a city that is 95% K (more according to them), and the village is 100% K. He has been reading the Word, asking us questions via text messages, and has read some apologetics books. It feels like the Spirit is working in his life. While there we were able to give him a worship CD in his native language, a “God in history” film, and spend some time reading the word together. We also deepened our friendship with him. Pray he will continue to read the word. Pray his family members we shared with will be open to hearing more about the good news. Pray that these seeds planted in his heart and mind will bear the fruit of faith in his life.


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