First, I feel like my efforts to learn language are being thwarted. I’m living near my focus Kurdish people group. There are many people near who speak this language, but my attempts to start specific study fizzle out. Except for one day… a few of my students (I’m a language teacher) decided to speak to me in their language. One in particular was so patient and helpful. I need more of that. Her name is Violet. She is an unmarried, young professional. I’m hoping we’ll be able to visit more outside of class. 

Second, an old student of mine called me out of the blue to see if I were still in the country. She and her family asked me to trade lessons for her children for lessons in Kurdish. We have had a wonderful time reconnecting. I visit there often. I’m learning a lot of culture but not much language. Her children are active in football and have a Christian coach who takes them to church often. I’m hoping my visits will blossom into deeper conversations with my friend and her family. Her name is Patience and his is Bart.

Third, I was blessed to teach at a local business. It is staffed by Christians. They needed to learn how to write project proposals. After the six week course, we became really good friends. They came to my home for dinner. At dinner, Emily asked if we could continue our friendship after the class finished. She and her family ran from their home a few years ago because they were ethnically Christian. 

I’m able to visit my mountain city once or twice a month. It would be so nice to meet with people I met while I live there. It would be so nice to meet new people, too. I’m hoping to move back there before this year ends. I’m waiting for God to get together the resources I’ll need to do that. Friends and neighborhood to be long-term planted in and to minister to and from; a small, simple house that has a fruit stand across the street from it (this helps the neighborhood to get to know me because the workers will tell everyone about me and my habits); a job that gets me into the professional community; and a car so I can get around the city. 

Finally, my amazing neighbors from the first neighborhood I lived in. Shelly and Sam taught me how to thrive in this city. They have been faithful friends. Recently, I went to an engagement party for his sister. It was so amazing. I saw so many ladies I hadn’t seen in months. This “tribe” needs intercession. 

Random requests: volunteers! I love to host them. They increase my activity in and amongst the community in ways that I never could alone. They also increase my prayer life. I’d like to issue a general invitation–COME! 


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