One morning, I prayed for encouragement, asking God to use me for His Work and to give me grace to see how He had used me. Hours later N, my language helper, came in very concerned for a friend and her current lifestyle. She asked me to pray for her friend. I have had many spiritual conversations with my language helper and have attempted a few times to pray with her in Turkish, using very simple words and sentences that she has often corrected. I said we could pray now, but asked if she would pray. N answered that she did not know how to pray, that she does not pray. I told her that it is a conversation with the Heavenly Father and she could say anything to God. She prayed a few simple sentences and then I realized that she was praying in the same style that I had prayed in front of her. I was humbled and excited that God used me to model this part of a relationship with Him and thankful for His answer to my prayer for encouragement.


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