Due to a flea infestation at an apartment rented for a semester intern, a ministry team was told they lost the money that had been given for that apartment.  One of the ministry leaders told the real estate agent that she would pray that God would provide a way to get most of the money back.  She waited a week and went back.  Still no answer.  The team prayed that God would miraculously provide a way to get back a large portion of the money.  She went back the next day and asked yet again.  The owner looked over at her and asked what they were talking about.  He immediately said that the money was upstairs and they could give it back immediately.  The ministry leader told them all it was a miracle and God had answered her prayers.  They agreed and they all praised God together.  That led to one real estate agent asking the leader about her beliefs.  She was able to explain her faith.

Pray that what was shared will be used by the Holy Spirit to awaken this real estate agent!


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