The sky was finally clear this particular evening as M, Z and I were far away from any city lights that tend to steal the glory of the stars.  Z had had a bad day. When she has a bad day she usually calls M and I and we take her driving, most of the time going to the top of a particular mountain. Woman here talk about going far away where no one can see or hear them just so they can make their breath wide (as they say) and scream and run around. It blesses us to do that for them. 

This night, Z just wanted take a break from her exam studying, which is a hard task in her house when family members and visitors surround her. We came to the mountain and looked down upon the city and up upon the stars. As the forgotten stars began to unveil themselves, my heart rested on the goodness of the Father. M began to pr in K-language over his goodness. It blessed both Z and I so much. Holding on to my arm, she cried silently. For a good while, M and I went back and forth speaking to the Father on behalf of Z under the twinkling stars as she softly wept.

A couple days later, I made my way to the hospital with some friends. Coming to the bed of a young K boy who was dying with cancer his mom too wept. “Pr for my son,” she said under a cloud of deep grief. “Yes,” I said, “in the name of JC I will pr.” Nodding, the woman desperate closed her eyes as I leaned by her son’s bed and plead with the Father for this boy’s healing and extoling His goodness. As I ended she thanked me and then I was again blessed as some other ladies who pr’ed over her son.

The Son in his time on Earth often related to those that were poor in spirit and poor in situation. He often pr’ed for these people and taught them about the goodness of the Father. I am learning a lot about relating to those that are “poor”.  There are a lot here in Kland. I’m learning how I can love them and help them to see there is hope in the midst of a dark time. I’m really thankful he has given me opportunity to pr for the people in this language. 


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