My family and I were able to meet with a young Kurdish family twice this month.  Both times “A,” a national believer, came with us.  The Kurdish family had a son who is a little younger than our son, so we had some good connection with them.  His sister became a believer in Syria and had been witnessing to them.  We found out on a later visit that they too had professed faith.  They have come to the Kurdish fellowship every week since they found out about it, and they live farther away than anyone!  We were able to give them New Testament recordings in Kurdish, though it was difficult for them to understand because their region uses more Arabic.  They have an 8-month-old, and she is now 5 months pregnant.  They seem to have had some complications with this pregnancy, so we are praying for health for all.  They lost a child 5 or 6 years ago when he was 2 years old.  They have been in Turkey for a while, but we just found out they were here.  Praise the Lord they have been connected with a fellowship!  The man’s older brother was there on one of the visits and he is also very interested in Christianity and wants to believe, but his wife just told him that if he believes she will not live with him anymore.  They have three children.  We are praying for continued discipleship for this family and that they would read the Word.  We pray for the older brother that he would see that Christ is worth any sacrifice.  We pray that God would soften the heart of his wife and that she would believe.


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