A few weeks ago, nine locals met at our home for worship. This was our teammates’ last week with us before leaving for some time in the U.S., and what a day it was!

We had set up a kiddie pool in our kitchen, and Dilan* was baptized! Then, I taught on the meaning of the Lord’s Supper, and we took the Lord’s Supper together. Of course, these things were enough to make it an amazing day.

But, God also chose to answer a specific prayer of ours, a prayer we accompanied with fasting!  After the baptism, Mike*, who texted a weak apology to the group a couple weeks prior, stood up and confessed his sin against another brother. They hugged in the middle of the room as we all applauded the goodness of God and shouted, “Amen!”

Our God answers prayer. This communion amongst newly restored brothers may have been the most memorable time I have ever taken the Lord’s Supper.

Praise God for His answer to our prayers!


*NOTE: Names changed for security reasons.


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