While visiting my friend, “R,” in Istanbul, she shared about some struggles with her son and some psychological issues he has been having.  We talked about how difficult it is to be a parent.  I shared with her that even though physical or mental problems might last for years or even a lifetime, one’s spiritual condition is the most important because it lasts for eternity.  I told her it is hard for me not to worry about the salvation of my son and I have to trust the Lord.  It is like he is in a burning building and there’s nothing I can do to make him believe and accept salvation.  She asked if I felt this way about everyone or just my son, and I said everyone who doesn’t believe in Christ.

Later during the trip, while sitting around talking and watching TV, a word came up in Turkish that I couldn’t remember the meaning of.  “R” quickly said, “You know how before they nailed Jesus to the cross they whipped him?” (referring to “torture”).  At another time, her father-in-law asked us in a rather testing way, “So, why did they kill Jesus?”.  My husband and I shared with him the things that Jesus claimed about himself and how religious Jews in the day viewed it as blasphemy.  As a result of the things Jesus said, we are forced to accept Him as Lord or completely reject him.  “R” was sitting listening and sometimes interjecting to finish our sentences and help us.  Even though she hasn’t made a profession of faith, I know she has heard the gospel over and over again in many forms, and I wonder how close her heart might be to believing and trusting in Christ. Please pray for “R” and her family, that they would believe in the word of truth!


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