We regularly do online Facebook ads in order to get New Testaments into people’s hands. After they request the New Testament, we follow up with them to see if they have questions, would like to meet, or even come visit our church’s worship gathering.

A few months ago, a young lady named Erin* responded to one of the ads, met with a few ladies from our church, and then even came to one of our services. But, shortly after coming, we lost touch with her. A local sister tried numerous times to call and email her, but was not able to connect. Her number had changed, and we were discouraged. Our local sister, Rose*, kept praying for her and asking the Lord to bring them together again.

Well, a few days ago, Rose called me and exclaimed, “She just called me! Erin called!” Apparently, Erin had to change her number for some reason and lost all her contacts in the process. She had wanted to reconnect but didn’t know how. Then, one day while scrolling Facebook, she saw one of our ads again. She immediately started a WhatsApp conversation through the ad that goes to a local brother in our fellowship. She asked him for Rose’s number, and after he gave it to her, Erin called.

Praise God for bringing Erin back into our lives and for giving Rose such a burden for her! Please pray for the Lord to save Erin and for Him to use Rose as she shares the gospel with Erin.

*NOTE: Names changed for security reasons.


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