We have been praying for a better opportunity to serve and work alongside a local church in our area. There is a spirit of fear, distrust, and loyalty to authority figures (rather than to Christ, at times) amongst the believers in our area.

We are friends with one of the families that are members at this church. Our friends A and N are having some major marriage problems right now, and we have been praying for repentance and reconciliation in their marriage, but the husband has been very distant. This week, I asked him if he would take us to their church gathering on Sunday. He said that he was busy with work and couldn’t go. A little later he responded that we could, however, call his wife and see if she would like to go with us to their church gathering.

We were glad that the husband gave us “permission” to take his family to gather with their church, even while his heart is falling away from Christ.

We were able to take his family on Sunday and talk with an elder in their church. The elder, who in the past has been somewhat resistant to our being a part of their church, was completely different this time. He was very welcoming and was aware of the problems with our friend’s marriage and the husband’s hardness of heart.

There is much to pray about in this matter, but we are first thankful that our friend A allowed us to take his wife and kids to gather with their church. We are thankful that the elder, who has been reluctant to allow us to participate in his congregation, seemed 180 degrees different during our talk. We are thankful that we can minister to N and her children by taking them to be with their church family during this difficult time.

Please pray for A and N and their marriage. A, the husband, seems determined that he wants a divorce. Please pray that he will repent. Please pray that we could continue to take N and the kids to worship with their church on Sundays. Please pray for this church – that we could find healthy ways to partner with them.


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