The community center where I serve continues to provide many open doors for gospel witness, so I praise the Lord for that!  Recently, while helping some local Muslims practice their English, I started a conversation about their “Sacrifice Holiday” and asked what a sacrifice is.  It ended up being a LONG conversation about the gospel, Islam, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.  I shared about sin, God’s judgment, God’s wrath, and our need for Christ.  It was very clear to me that Satan has blinded the eyes of three of my friends.  A couple of them had even read some of the New Testament that we had given them previously, but they were completely blinded to the Truth.  One of them spoke very openly in saying that he had read all four gospels and that they were not nearly as good as the Qur’an.  This broke my heart.  I asked him to keep reading.  “Oh, there’s more?” he asked.  “Yeah,” I replied, “23 more letters in the New Testament alone, not to mention the 39 books in the Old Testament.”  I’m praying that they see dreams, that they see their need for Christ, that they repent, and that they put their faith in HIM.  Thankfully, we have a God who can remove the blinders of Satan because I certainly can’t, even though I ridiculously try sometimes.


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