I just had a meeting with two Kurdish pastors and a couple other local brothers. One of the pastors was approached about some weaknesses in his leadership and theology. The hope was to send another, more mature and experienced Kurdish pastor to serve alongside him for three months to try to correct some of the issues. However, the less mature pastor didn’t react well at first.

Now, after nearly three weeks of meetings, he has agreed to submit to our advice and requests. But, there is still some tension between two of the pastors.

Please lift up this situation. Pray for humility and repentance, and for this to be a healthy process for all involved and the churches as a whole. Pray for unity and for the gospel to advance through these brothers. Pray for their wives, who have some hurt feelings.

I am grateful for the involvement and wise advice from two other brothers from different ethnic backgrounds, who have spoken into this situation well. Praise the Lord!


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